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Why Do I Make Bad Decisions?

But why does he constantly opt for the wrong options? Why was he considered the most hated celebrity of 2018?

In a vlog he posted over the weekend, Logan Paul went to visit double board certified psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, MD to find out why he does what he does. Dr. Amen scanned Logan’s brain with a study called single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and discovered that he had low blood flow and activity in key areas of his prefrontal cortex that rule the “human” part of being human. Dr. Amen knows that Logan’s history of repetitive head trauma from football and a trampoline accident where he fractured his skull is one of the main reasons behind his bad decisions.

But, luckily for Logan, his brain can be helped with the treatment plan laid out, including targeted supplements and time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Logan Paul and Dr. Amen just might be the reason young men and women will start seeking help for their difficult behaviors that damage their work, relationships, and overall happiness.

Watch here:

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